The US and Belgium have a long tradition of cross business.

Belgian companies are supporting more than 160,000 jobs in the US, and are mostly concentrated in the Southeast of the US, with 76 Belgian companies vested in alone GA.

The US is Belgium's 5th largest export market - and the most important outside of the EU.

The US is the 2nd foreign investor in Belgium, and American companies are supporting more than 130,000 jobs in Belgium.

​The US is Belgium's 4th largest source of imports - and the most important outside of the EU.

​The BELGIAN AMERICAN Chamber of the South is the largest non profit organization promoting relationships within the Belgian American business community in the Southeast of the US.

As a member of the Chamber, you get complimentary access to our business and networking events, which provide our community of business professionals with the opportunity to network with each other, and a platform to share your experience and best practices as well.

The BELGIAN AMERICAN Chamber of the South offers you 4 membership levels, covering different benefits that fit your company’s needs and interests.

Besides our membership levels,  your company may also want to support our Chamber by sponsoring our events.  Click on the link below for more details about our sponsorship opportunities.