Tuesday, August 29 - 15th Women's Series, Emotional Self Defense

How Developing Your Basic Human Skills Can Give You The Confidence To Live Your Life To Its Full Potential, Without Unnecessary Fear!

Please join us for the 15th edition of our quarterly Women's Series. This series is a collaborate effort between the Belgian, French, Netherlands, Finnish and German American Chambers of Commerce and the BABC-Georgia.

This quarter's event will be hosted by the BABC-Georgia and BDO Atlanta. Jennifer Riis-Poulson will educate and empower us through her innovative self defense program.

​The American Psychologist, Abraham Maslow, provided us with a pyramid of basic human needs. The foundation of this pyramid must be in place in order to fully reach our true potential. Part of the foundation is safety needs, which includes the need to protect ourselves and to be free from fear and chaos. By using POWERHOUSE as an acronym, you will discover how training your skills in Prediction, Recognition, Observation and Intuition can develop your awareness and increase your emotional and social intelligence, giving you the confidence to achieve your goals.


Jennifer Riis-Poulsen, a London native, is the Founder & CEO and also a 2nd degree black belt, who formed Powerhouse Self-Defense as a response to the ever-increasing statistics on the number of females attacked and assaulted, emotionally and physically, each year. She made reducing these statistics a passion and personal goal and has set out to develop a comprehensive, HOLISTIC personal safety and empowerment program focused on awareness and powerful techniques to build courage and confidence. The curriculum is based on her background in Psychology and her 14 years of martial arts experience. It is designed for individuals from 10 years of age upwards. The Powerhouse mission is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER everyone to live Safe, Healthy and Active Lives.

The Powerhouse Self-Defense Program was established in November of 2011, and is on its mission to empower and educate ALL girls and women across the globe. Of these women and girls served by Powerhouse, the Girl Scouts USA has consistently used the Powerhouse Self-Defense Program as their number one source for education on awareness and personal safety, building courage and confidence. Powerhouse Self-Defense takes a holistic approach to personal safety and empowerment by teaching EMOTIONAL, VERBAL and PHYSICAL self-defense techniques.


Tuesday, August 29th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

​BDO Atlanta
1100 Peachtree Street NE Suite 700
Atlanta, GA  30309-4516


  • BACoS, GACC, FACC, FACC Southeast, NACCSE and BABC Members: $20.00
  • College Students: $20.00
  • Non members: $35.00